The Knot - Wedding Website Editor (IA/UX Strategy)

At The Knot, I started on the Wedding Website team. The first thing I did there was audit our product based on known jobs to be done. I identified a lot of pain points and opportunities, but the root underlying most of the problems was the information architecture.

I documented the existing architecture and identified redundancies and points of confusion. I considered using a card-sorting exercise to validate the organization of features with users. But the organization that existed when I stripped away the redundancy was very logical overall. So I decided to move forward and validate the IA in user testing.

I took the resulting IA and wire-framed some options for how it could be translated into a UI. I used InVision to build lo-fi prototypes from the wireframes and ran unmoderated user tests to get an impression of whether users would know where to look in order to accomplish the key jobs to be done.

With those learnings I reviewed the options with my team to assess technical and business constraints. I mocked up higher fidelity UI examples and found reference points from other products at The Knot to help clarify the directions and show examples already in use. I also broke down the work into iterative steps to help my team determine how to move forward.

I was moved to another team midway through this project. But this UX strategy I developed paved the way for measurable improvements in our Wedding Website product.

In-House Work

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