The Knot - Your Vendors (Case Study)

The goal of this project was to create an app experience that would make it easy for engaged couples to keep track of their wedding vendors and contact and book more of their vendors using The Knot’s marketplace. I worked with another product designer to conduct a series of user interviews asking real engaged couples about the tools they used to keep track of wedding planning details. With these learnings my team did a design sprint to explore ideas for solving this problem.

I continued to flesh out the ideas from our design sprint in my own sketches based on the concept of building a team. After reviewing these sketches with some other designers and my product manager, I developed what we thought would be the most promising directions using wireframes and flow maps. Once we had a couple of options, we used the wireframes to create low fidelity prototypes using inVision and ran unmoderated user tests on some engaged couples. The results from the user tests helped us narrow down a final IA and direction.

I took this direction and designed the high fidelity user interfaces. Then my product manager and I worked with our engineers to determine how to build an MVP. Once the MVP was built I ran another series of unmoderated user tests on the live app. We used those test results to prioritize which features we wanted to add back in, that were originally out of scope, as well as some pieces we wanted to iteratively improve.

This section of the app replaced an older booked vendors tool that was confusing and difficult to use. In the first month after release we saw use of this section increase almost 90% and we saw one of our team’s key metrics that this project targeted increase 30%.

In-House Work

UI/UX Design