ZOOM+Care - Scheduler

The goal of this project was to replace the current ZOOM+Care scheduler with a robust, scalable platform. After some broad exploration I took the existing AI that displayed doctors within specific clinic location and inverted it so patients focus on the providers and see locations as attributes attached to them. This improved how flexible the scheduler app could be. I also created a UI ready for implementing an intuitive natural language search.

At ZOOM+Care we designed everything mobile first. This project was also truly “device-agnostic.” I worked closely with the other product designer on my team to create a design system that we could use across app, mobile web, and desktop web.

This scheduler app is the starting point of the ZOOM+Care experience and is the center of our brand universe. So I also worked closely with our brand team (which I used to be on) to make sure this scheduler would be an iconic and memorable representation of the brand.

In-House Work

UI/UX Design, Branding