ZOOM+Care - Chatcare

The goal of this project at ZOOM+Care was to leverage chat to instantly deliver a great healthcare experience to our members.

My team created a cross-platform digital chat product that enables doctors to see several patients at a time, quickly diagnose and treat many common conditions, and prescribe meds and labs, all via chat.

I designed the patient-facing side of the product. I started with familiar chat patterns, and incorporated a uniquely branded look and feel. I had to make a simple tool that would delight users and be easy to use, while also feeling safe, secure, and trustworthy.

I rapidly prototyped and tested elements of our model by simulating a low fidelity chat care experience in Google chat. Later I used inVision to simulate it in higher fidelity.

The chat UI provides the user with responses to questions that directly correspond to ZOOM+Care’s gold standard charting. This enables the conversation to stay on track and ensures the user is getting the right care quickly and efficiently.

In-House Work

UI/UX Design