Bedly Co-Living App

Renting Reimagined

I had the opportunity to help an early stage co-living startup, Bedly, create their first-ever mobile app. They already had a listing website where tenants could find and lease on-demand rooms in pre-furnished apartments. But they had identified an opportunity to bring the Bedly experience up a notch by creating a concierge app that could provide users with important features for living in their apartment like wifi passwords and key codes, as well as ways of communicating with flat-mates, reporting any problems and connecting with the broader community of Bedly members.

IA & Wireframing

The team at Bedly already had a good idea of what basic functionality they needed for an MVP. So after a couple of whiteboarding sessions with their head of product and CEO, I wireframed out how all the interactions could work within a mobile app framework using a Google Slides deck. This enabled us to quickly gather feedback asynchronously with their engineering team in Romania as well as other stakeholders.

Design System & UI

Once we aligned on the architecture and high level experience, I developed a fresh app design system based on their existing brand identity and mocked everything up for review and development. I also developed some conceptual features that Bedly could use to communicate their future vision to investors.

Bedly Operations App

I also worked with the Bedly team to redesign an existing app used by their facilities team using a coordinating design system, reinforcing their internal brand, streamlining communication about repairs and cleaning, and making task management more efficient.