Oregon Washington Cider Co. Brand Direction

“Open Source Cider”

Oregon Washington Cider Collective (ORWA) is an up and coming boutique cider maker in Portland, OR. They have an exquisite product and an intriguing story, but needed help communicating it. I spent several long summer evenings at the local cider pub listening to ORWA’s founders tell their story.

We determined that the three brand pillars of ORWA were history (the story of how prohibition almost killed cider in the US, and how ORWA was rediscovering it), location (our beautiful Pacific Northwest) and science (the open-source, knowledge-hungry, nerd culture of cider making). I recorded their story with this in mind. Once we were satisfied with the verbal articulation of their brand (“open source cider”, a mission to “make cider more transparent together”). I developed a visual language that reflected their unique brand story.